Origin Of Money

So if the question asked, what is the most important thing for you to survive? If your answer is money. Congratulations! You are normal. Money is the most important thing in our lives. We buy different sorts of needful goods daily, for some people it’s monthly but in the 21st century, no one can imagine their lives without it! But money hasn’t been this important for us. So why has it become so important and it hasn’t been around from the beginning of human history this blog is all about the origin of money and paper currency.

Before Money

Before the origin of money, There used to be a system called ‘the barter system’ in which individual in need of a thing pre food has an ax and the other one is looking for an ax and they find each other they can exchange things and that’s how that system worked but it has a dangerous flaw and that is, if the person looking for food that has an ax but the person with food doesn’t want the ax, the person with ax can kill the person with the food solving his own problem but destroying others entire life. Seeing this human being came up with an idea of a thing that would change everything ‘the money’ nobody knows who conceived the idea of money and where did it start but there is clear evidence of money before the written history.

From Origin of Money to Future of Money

In the origin of money, it was used in precious metals such as gold, copper, Silver, and Brass but now it is used in paper and merely in any of these metals. But, nowadays people all around the world use virtual wallets and cryptocurrency who know in the future there would be no money bags left on the planet as we will not be using physical currency. What first seems convenient later becomes complicated but it takes time for a new thing to fully function, and for people to get completely rely on it.

Ever since human beings have leaned towards new technology or a new way to do a certain thing or a daily life event, it took some time for them to use it in trustworthy ways. Whenever something new comes we first react towards it as strangers. But as much as we use it we start to like it and then eventually give everything of ours to it.

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  1. I find it absolutely fascinating how money, something so integral to our lives today, had such humble beginnings. It’s a testament to human innovation and our ability to adapt to our ever-changing needs.

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