Inside The Simulated Reality?

Famous people like Elon Musk and Neil Tyson believe that we are living inside the simulated reality in physics and cosmology there is now a subfield, digital physics which is based on theoretical studies that the universe is describable by information and such is computable. These people are trying to find out if our universe could be a simulation this can be by using machines that we use and compare them to physical entities and thus drawing the conclusions.

The concept

The concept of simulated reality is quite old and dates back to the times of ancient Greece an China. Plato in his book The Allegory of the Cave wrote about three men bind together inside a cave facing a wall. Behind them is a fire and shadows of people they see on the wall passing by is their entire reality and in Ancient Chinese philosophies as well-meaning people even back then thought that they are inside a simulated reality that, a force is driving them towards thinking about simulated reality. Which leads us towards the question why do people believe that their entire reality is simulated or why they think that they are inside the simulated reality?

The Questioning

In a podcast with Elon Musk, Joe Rogan asked him why does he believe that we are inside the simulated reality? He said that the ultra-realistic technology makes him question that humankind has created augmented reality and ultra-realistic games and tech that really makes an individual question what’s real and what’s not? The idea that we are trying to create real things makes question us if reality can be mimicked then, there is a clear possibility that we too are inside a simulated reality. As mentioned above that there are people who are investigating this thought of simulated reality or can our universe be a simulated reality, those people are highly educated and the companies that they are working for are spending millions of dollars into it.

Inside The Simulated Reality

Reality can often be mimicked and tech to create an ultra-realistic experience is something that takes years of experiments and money to buy equipment to support that tech. The Brain-Computer Interface or (BCI) is a tech gaming companies are spending their money for gamers to play their games without any controls, actually, their controls are in their thoughts and they can play it without any involvement of any body part they will be practically thinking about the controls and that controls will then be shown on the screen. In a BCI interface from the brain to computer interface, if something goes wrong the worst that can happen is that the computer will display an error but, In a BCI interface from computer to brain the worse that can happen is it can damage the brain.

If in a distant future BCI interface from Computer to Brain succeeds we would be stepping into a future where there will no diseases and disability in human beings imagine a world where no one will die and anyone could do whatever they want to do bad or not but the simulation tech is really gonna help us in the future.

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