COVID-19 and How it became a Pandemic

Scientists estimate about 1.6 million viruses that the wildlife hold in their bodies and human beings only know about 3000 out of those 1.6 million. That’s less than 1 percent. Viruses and pandemics have been part of our history. COVID-19 and how it became a pandemic its answer lies in the history. Wildlife is filled with viruses and these get stronger after its change its host take for example the SARS short for severe acute respiratory syndrome the virus that spread at the end of 2002 in China. A patient checked in to the hospital there he infected the doctors and nurses with the disease.

When one of the doctors went to Hong Kong where he checked into a hotel where he infected 16 people. One of those people went back to her home back in Vietnam where she checked into the hospital as soon as she landed and infected more people and all the other 15 people took SARS to their homes within their bodies and infected the people in their circle. That’s how the disease spread through people and it gets stronger after host by host.

COVID-19 and how it became a pandemic for the whole world

The word pandemic derives from three Greek Words pandemic means for every human being. Human beings have evolved through time and with time these viruses also have evolved from dangerous to deadly. With our technology we have enabled ourselves to identify and find a cure for these deadly diseases to become less painful. Obviously we are unable to make a cure to reset all these because we lack in the resources sector but, scientists are working on to cure these diseases. Genetic sciences are even enabling us to cut the diseases out of our genes. They are working at-least on these sorts of studies that show a promising future in order to perceive this.

The Cure

Billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are spending their money on researching for the cure of these zoonotic diseases. To predict, to find and then finally curing them. As mentioned above we only have identified less than 1 percent of the diseases that wildlife holds. One thing about the viruses is that they can not be treated with antibiotics, they can be cured with the help of vaccines and creating vaccines take both time and money. In China scientists are working and researching on Bats to predict and these diseases and find a cure for them. Because bats are responsible for hosting SARS, MERS and Corona Virus or COVID-19. More or less we can say, with current technology and knowledge we can help ourselves fight and answer the question, the COVID-19 and how it became a pandemic.

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  2. Your blog eloquently captures the essence of the COVID-19 pandemic, blending scientific facts with social context. It’s an eye-opener and a call to action for all readers. Thank you for shedding light on this topic and emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility.

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