How Do Cars Help

The answer to How do cars help is already in your head, Right? Like, they help us travel from one place to another. Let’s jump deeper into that question they help parents to drop their children to school and then take them to their office or house. Which, obviously depend on their routine. Every year thousands of different companies manufacture millions of cars that benefit billions of us. This blog will inform you about the help and ease cars bring to our lives as well as how did the idea of a car comes into our mind. But first, we will discuss how the idea of a car came into our mind?

Back When…

People like Leonardo Da Vinci were drawing or even trying to make devices that could help us travel other than carts, back when Jules Verne was writing about spaceships and flying vehicles Humans used to travel in trains and horse carts on drylands. But the days of traveling were about to change because a young civil engineer from Southwest Germany named Karl Benz was spending his time in Venice where people used boats to travel, (obviously because of Venice’s architecture) he came up with an idea of a vehicle by asking himself about a Question, if these boats are moving in the water without the help of a dolphin why can’t we move on the land without the help of horses? so, how do cars help those who spend their entire lives raising that livestock that was our source traveling source?


Cars really evaluated when people started taking interest in it. Especially when it’s designers started designing them as they do nowadays because early car models look like carts. The actual part of the evolution of cars was played when Henry Ford invented the idea of the assembly line, which in a way decreased the prices of cars and helped the middle class to buy and even use them.


Although the backdrop of cars has never taken place but to think that cars are playing a huge part in climate change. Most of the climate activists demand the fossil fuel companies KEEP THEM IN THE GROUND and fossil fuels are the essential need for cars and other industries to run. So, how does a thing that really helps us is actually putting us and our planet in danger is helpful?

How do Cars Help This is How!

Most of the car manufacturers are making hybrid engine cars, fossil fuel companies are spending their money to make their gasoline more light to the environment which still, to some extent is harmful to our environment. But the actual answer to this question is ELECTRIC CARS. Tesla has shown us how effective electric cars can be to do both jobs. Help us travel, as well as save the environment. But the biggest hurdle our way is the fact that fossil fuel companies are the 4th most powerful industry in the world will they let their decline take place easily?

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