How Software Has Changed The World

After the wheel and the axel computer is considered as the greatest invention of human beings, and after the computer is built the most important thing that it needs is software. You can find out about multiple definitions about software on the web, this blog is about to widen up all those definitions and explanation. From the first programmers to the first programs of the last century we will discuss a lot of things to widen up all of the thoughts and ideas by giving the answer to the question, How the software has changed the world.

Just about Last Century

Mankind has progressed immensely in the last century. One of that progress was the invention of computers and software, what first was only considered as the heavy expensive machine later became light and cheap. Now, to answer how software has changed the world we simply need to understand what software does and what ease it brought.

What does Software Do?

A computer software’s job is to connect hardware to the user with its complex coding and language. Everything we do, from moving our mouse pointer on the screen from one object to another a software is there to tell the hardware devices to display the stuff that is going on, on the screen. Even this blog is written using software, that I can share with my friends using other software so, you see how the software has changed our world

How Software has changed the world with ease

Everything we do on our computers and smartphones from writing a simple text message to a friend or sending him a picture of your favorite moment from such party, a just a regular day at office or even researching for+writing and publishing this blog required different types of software that could support the sort work that we needed to do. For instance, communication software will only help to communicate or writing software will only help to write. Tight now there are millions of software out there on the web for different purposes with the fact that you can’t even touch a single one of them. That’s how software has changed the world!

Currently, software engineers are working on software that can teach themselves for a task (artificial intelligence) and science fiction has ruined the idea if it! I mean yes there is some risk involved in facial recognition and all but look at how much ease it will bring. Allowing Softwares to control more is good and bad both, at the same time. But bad or not the fact that how software has changed the world is immensely growing day by day. Half of our tasks in our daily routines rely on some sort of software.

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