Climate Change and Online Shopping

Sadly In most of the regions of the world people aren’t aware of this global threat which geochemists and physicists predicted back in the 1970’s and ’80s. Everything we do is directly proportional to climate change, this blog will specifically brighten the awareness about how climate change and online shopping are related. This blog is all about awareness for how little human acts are affecting climate change speaking of shopping, shopping is not a little thing that is affecting world climate it is one of the biggest human act that is affecting our climate, I will try to tell you how your online shopping can even help the climate.

How Shopping is Affecting the climate?

We all are aware of how climate change is happening and what are its consequences. On one side online shopping is convenient and putting easy elements into our lives, on the other hand, it is also making things worse. Most of the shopping online is done via foreign countries and a shipment from other countries requires transporting vehicles. These transporting vehicles consume a huge amount of fossil fuel energy which hurts the climate. According to various sources, transport of goods generates more greenhouse gasses than a normal domestic vehicle since they require diesel or other high octane fuel that causes more and more pollutants that goes direct to our air. I am not saying that you shouldn’t do online shopping I am suggesting that you should do them under precautions that will help you get and save both climate change and online shopping and those precautions are…


Try buying things from local stores and local suppliers, if you want something that is gonna hurt our climate make sure you are getting that something on solid needs and desires, remember even placing an order puts kilos of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere it’s us who are gonna take care of this planet and take climate change and online shopping side by side. try to buy things from stores that fund In some sort of climate saving organization. These tech giants are most responsible for consuming most of the energy and they have that amount of money and profits as well, so they can afford it!

Climate Change and Online Shopping

Climate change and shopping even little things as small as using an excess amount of energy or using mobile phones a lot are hurting the climate of our planet and there is no planet B! This is not science fiction we as present generations will have to act now so that our children and children of children could live in a better and safe planet.

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